Quality Assurance Standing Committee

Bay Community Support Services (Bay-CSS) is recruiting volunteers to help make a difference on our Quality Assurance Standing Committee. This is a unique opportunity to support Bay-CSS by helping us to provide quality services to the individuals with disabilities and their families who are served by Bay-CSS.  The Committee is comprised of Bay-CSS volunteers, staff and clients and meets monthly at our Edgewater and St. Mary’s offices for about two hours reviewing issues relating to quality. There is confidential information discussed and all participants are required by law to sign a confidentiality agreement and complete a volunteer application.  Help us make a difference! Please contact Angel Zalovick at (301) 863-8870, ext. 310 or zalovicka@baycss.org for more information. Thank you.

Standing Committees’ Responsibilities: 

  • Meet monthly
  • Standing Committee comprised of volunteers, staff, and clients,
  • Make recommendations for individual follow-up,
  • Review incident report trends,
  • Analyze and address trends and areas of concern in health and safety
  • Make recommendations for end of the year outcomes report
  • Review Client Satisfaction Surveys and follow up accordingly
  • Attend meetings with individuals as requested.
  • Review new policies and procedures as they pertain to the health and safety of the individuals served
  • Review incident reports and analyze individual and agency trends to determine follow-up
  • Review quarterly agency health and safety reviews
  • Review monthly fire drills
  • Review monthly Emergency Plan Reports
  • Review agency Workman’s Comp Reports
  • Review all agency behavior management plans
  • Review and make recommendations and approve behavior management plans as required by all state and federal guidelines
  • Complies with HIPPA and confidentiality laws

    Requirements: The volunteer will have to sign a confidentiality agreement and complete the Bay-CSS Volunteer Application.

For more information about this position or to volunteer, please complete the Bay-CSS Volunteer Application. Thank you!

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